07 May 2012

Catching up with Utah

While in town for a wedding, we got to visit some favorite people we have missed since moving away. We visited our old ward in Springville, and caught up with former roommates and mission companions. It was a treat to see everybody.


The Rogers

Nauvoo Sisters #1

Nauvoo Sisters #2

Nauvoo #3

Nauvoo #4

Hopefully it won't be another 2+ years before we visit again.

Newest Heaton

Welcome, Camille, to the Heaton family! We got to travel to Utah a few weeks ago to witness Christopher and Camille's sealing in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It was gorgeous, and we had a wonderful time. They were too cute to watch, and I am so happy for them. 

And I'm sorry that I didn't get any pictures of just the two of them. Good thing that wasn't my job! 

The REAL Thomas

Over the weekend, we got to go to Chattanooga, TN to meet somebody very important in our lives. It was AMAZING! Joshua and his cousins had a blast, even though he might look less than thrilled in some pictures...It was so much happiness that his smiles just couldn't keep up. 


We got to watch Thomas drive in and out of the station, and to ride the Blue Ridge Missionary Line. It was fun to ride the train, and go over bridges and through a long tunnel. What a day to remember!

06 April 2012

Thank you

     I hurried off to the grocery store last night with no kids to pick up a handful of things I had been needing. It was 9:45 pm as I strolled my buggy to my car, and started loading up. It was quite dark, not much light from the parking lot lamp was reaching me. I was trying to hurry, and looked up in time to see a man, bulky and a little older than me, walking towards me. Well, he was walking past my car, and then noticed that I was there, dropping bags of groceries into the back seat.
     "Let me take that for you, when you're done," I heard him say. Thank you so much! I had three more bags to get, and then I passed the buggy on to him. He took it and rolled it to the cart drop for me. As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I felt really grateful that there are nice gentlemen still out there. I appreciated it. It was late, and dark, and I was rushing to get home to my family. And I just thought that was the nicest thing. Thank you again.


     Easter is one of my favorite times of year. Trees and gardens are blossoming, The sun is shining, and the weather is mostly pleasant. And Easter is a time when I can reflect on the blessings I have in my life because of Jesus Christ. He was crucified, and suffered the Atonement for my sins. Then, on that first Easter morning, He was resurrected, conquering physical death. I know that He lives. I am thankful for the gift that He has given me, that I may live again as well. I love Easter because it reminds me of the very real miracle of the Atonement. Jesus Christ offers a way that I may be forgiven of my sins and mistakes so that I, too, can be found spotless before God. I also love that the meaning of the days is not as commercialized as one of my other favorite holidays centered around the Savior. What a blessing that we can reflect on the gift of Life when everything is awakening from a wintry slumber.
     Please visit mormon.org/easter to share your feelings about the Lord Jesus Christ this Easter weekend, or to be uplifted by others' testimonies.

31 March 2012

Living Prophets

This weekend is a general conference for all members and visitors of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are Mormons. It's an occasion when we are blessed to hear from our Prophet, and the other inspired leaders of the church. Feel free to tune in, and be uplifted, as we reflect on the Savior, Jesus Christ, and His teachings. I know Jesus is the Christ.

25 March 2012

Show me them Pearly Whites

Joshua had a great first visit to the dentist. All healthy! What a relief for a boy who eats candy as quickly as he finds it around the house!

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